DC Dave Thomas

Worry steals your joy from the present In this podcast I share my experiences with worry. I have spent a life time worrying until one day I realised that everything I feared would happen hadn't. I will also be talking about addiction and how the person who became an addict can never be the person... Continue Reading →


PC Dave Thomas

"quitting whilst your ahead is not the same as quitting" In this episode, I have decided to share a bit of myself with you and my role as a family liaison officer. Recorded purposely in respectful tones showing deference to those family's I've dealt with. It is only fair that I ask of myself what... Continue Reading →

CI Jackie Hirst

"theres a promise I made to my husband, please live life for the both of us"   Chief Inspector Jackie Hirst is a 27 year career police officer based at Blackpool in Lancashire. Chair of the "Women in policing" network, she is also a Force Incident Commander and Operations Manager for Firearms and Road Policing.... Continue Reading →

PS Regie Butler

"I've had some experiences in my life that nearly caused me to take my own life." Devon and Cornwall Police entered into a strategic alliance with Dorset Police in 2016. This week I am delighted to speak with PS Regie Butler about his well being team within the alliance. They offer peer support to Officers... Continue Reading →

PS Harry Tangye

"sometimes doing the right thing isn't enough" Harry Tangye is a 27 year veteran of the Devon and Cornwall Police. He is currently a firearms commander, VIP protection officer and a firearms post incident manager. As we walk on the outskirts of Dartmoor national park in Devon we discuss social media from a policing point... Continue Reading →

DCC Andy Rhodes

"How you feel is everything!" Andy Rhodes is currently the Deputy Chief Constable of the Lancashire Constabulary and the national lead for wellbeing for the police services within England and Wales. In a remarkably candid interview he shares with me his vision of the future; where the police service is at the moment and some... Continue Reading →

An introduction to the new Well Being podcasts.

Do all paths lead to the same thing? After several years of blogging  (which you can still find on this site should you wish to explore)  I have now moved into a medium that I have loved since I was a child and that is radio!. Except its no longer that crackly late night broadcast... Continue Reading →

The survival of the fitness

I'm no station sergeant tapping away on a typewriter that not only makes enough noise to reverberate through the nick or heavy enough to require a solidly built oak desk as desks were the. built in those days.  No, I am fast approaching 50 with 20 years in. Yes I joined relatively late but I... Continue Reading →

The Police Unity Tour 2015

The Police Unity Tour. What a simple yet perfect way to describe this years cycle ride supporting the charity COPS. Police….yes; Unity….. most definitely; Tour…. as close to riding in a peloton as you will you get! The Police Unity Tour UK has been going for several years now but it was only this year... Continue Reading →

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